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Starting a business made simple

Ground your vision with a one-page Idea Plan for a complete overview of your business model that you can easily share for feedback.

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Practical, step-by-step guidance

Develop your idea with our intuitive five-step Business Guide and sail through the entire startup journey—with inspiring tips and examples along the way.

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Automated finances and forecasts

See your performance forecasts, realistic cash flow projections and all the financial KPIs you need to be confident in the future of your business.

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No-fuss business plans

Conquer the last step with a click. IdeaBuddy documents your journey and creates a unique business plan. Just edit, export and show to friends or investors!

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Keep all your ideas in one convenient place

Your ideas will no longer be scattered across various platforms and documents. Idea Collection lets you keep all your ideas together, and reduce the time spent searching bits and pieces of data from various places.

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"We use IdeaBuddy regularly to quickly evaluate 'pivot' ideas. Compared to other platforms, IdeaBuddy manages to balance comprehensiveness and integrity with clarity and ease of use."

Matt Johnston