Top 5 Liveplan Alternatives For 2020 (Pros & Cons)

liveplan alternatives

When we talk about business planning tools, the most popular one is definitely Liveplan. But if you are a millennial entrepreneur, you could think this tool is not crispy enough, so you might be interested in looking for alternatives.

Now, we’ll show you the top 5 Liveplan Alternatives, which could be the right choice for you and your business idea. 

Why use business planning software at all?

Yes, you can hire expensive consultants to help you craft a business plan.

But, if you’re tight on budget, the most convenient option is to use one of the online business planning tools. These are quite affordable, it can help you get a direction, and support you in understanding every detail of your future business.

Also, it helps you flesh out your idea and also get a professional business plan that will attract potential investors. 

LivePlan enables entrepreneurs to build a detailed business plan, make financial projections, and create a one-page pitch deck.

Apart from this, one of its strengths is a large base of business plan samples. Plus, there is performance tracking, where you can compare actual business results with the forecast.

Liveplan is a neat and handy tool for creating business plans and building investor pitch decks, which are useful in the final stage of business planning. However, we found a few things to be missing and discovered some flaws that could be improved.

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The Cons of Liveplan

Here are some of the important limitations and drawbacks of this web-application:

  • Limited planning options. it covers only the last mile of business planning, but it’s not so useful during the idea development phase.
  • No mobile version. In the year 2020, when everything happens via mobile phone, they didn’t make a mobile version of their app.
  • Steep entry price. With a monthly subscription starting at $20 per month / $180 per year, we found that the price is a bit on the high end.
  • No free trial. Although there’s a refund policy, they don’t offer a free trial for users who simply want to take it for a test ride.
  • Outdated design. The graphic appearance and the whole vibe feels like it was made for the Baby Boomers, simply it doesn’t bring much pleasure.

Top 5 Liveplan Alternatives In 2020

OK, we agreed that Liveplan is a quite decent platform for people who want to write a business plan and make a pitch deck. But we also observed that it’s not suitable for all stages of business planning.

Also, it’s not mobile-friendly, and it’s a bit pricey.

And it looks and feels quite old-fashioned.

So, if this is not a perfect business option for you, let’s look into the available Liveplan alternatives.

1. IdeaBuddy 

IdeaBuddy is an innovative business planning and modeling software that brings a breath of fresh air among the various business planning tools on the market.

At first glance, that’s due to its simplicity and ease of use, as well as a stunning visual appearance. In addition, this web app helps entrepreneurs not only to craft a business plan but to develop their idea from any stage where they happen to be. 

user personas

So, if you’re only sketching your idea, IdeaBuddy has its own business canvas, called Idea Plan, that helps in building a business model.

It’s reminiscent of Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas, but with its own flavor. Your goal is to build your business model by posting idea notes until you’ve covered all the elements of your business.

The next cool feature is Business Guide, which is a step-by-step guide that takes you through the five stages of the business planning process.

You can create a marketing strategy, define the target audience, do the competition analysis, and plan all the other elements of your future business.

IdeaBuddy also has automated financials and calculators. with cash flow projections, profit and loss statements, and other important financial metrics explained in an easy way.

Another cool feature is where after you complete all the steps of Business Guide, IdeaBuddy documents the entire planning process and converts it into a modern business plan.


  • One-page business plan (Idea Plan)
  • Step-by-step business planning guide (Business Guide)
  • Automatic financial projections (Financial Plan)
  • Business plan builder (Business Plan)
  • Idea validation tool (coming soon)

What’s unique about IdeaBuddy

The most unique thing about IdeaBuddy (apart from its visual appearance) is its Business Guide. This planning tool fills an important gap in the market by guiding you through all the phases of business idea development. It covers everything from making a business concept and conducting market research to business setup and forecasting future performance.

This feature is ranking IdeaBuddy among top Liveplan alternatives suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs with no business background. and it’s one of the biggest strengths of this app.

Pricing options

Free trial: Yes, 15 days

Dreamer plan – Costs $15 per month / $45 per year. You can have 1 idea (project) in this plan and includes a business canvas, a step-by-step business planning guide, and a financial plan, which you can export and share. 

Founder plan – Costs $25 per month, / $85 per year, you can have up to 3 ideas (projects) in this plan. It has everything included in the Dreamer plan, plus you are getting a business plan builder.

Team plan –This plan is perfect for startups and small businesses. It costs $55 per month / $245 per year, and you are getting 30 ideas (projects) included in this plan, plus you can have up to 30 collaborators (once this feature is developed). It has the access to the same features as the Founder plan.

*** Lifetime plan –  This is a time-limited offer and it includes a full-featured Founder plan with 3 ideas for only $155, where you can also invite up to 3 collaborators once that feature is developed.

You have a brilliant business idea, but don’t know where to start? IdeaBuddy can help you will that. Get our exclusive lifetime offer and start planning today!
ideabuddy_lifetime offer

2. Bizplan

Bizplan is a platform with a modern take on business planning. It features different tools to help people create unique business plans. The platform lets users incorporate visuals into business plans and create attractive presentations.

bizplan snapshot

Users can create a business plan that will focus on financials and make sure they are prepared to present their business idea to an investor. It has various financial tools, among which are calculators, budget-feasibility tools, and graph and chart generators.

However, even though it has a step-by-step guide, it is not a full-fledged product. If you’re not used to this kind of app, it can be confusing to use it, and overwhelming to cover all the aspects of your idea.


  • Business plan 
  • Progress tracker
  • Drag and drop templates
  • Revenue projections
  • Team collaboration 

What’s unique about Bizplan 

Bizplan has a clean design and a guided business plan builder with collaboration elements. Also, you can benefit from its automatic financial projections and drag-and-drop modules. This tool is suitable for startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses that want to create a business plan.



Annual$20.75 (billed at $249 per year)

Lifetime Access$349 

The plans include a full-featured business plan builder with access to self-guided online courses and how-to guides to start a business. 

3. PlanGuru 

PlanGuru is a web-based software that helps small businesses and nonprofits with business planning. Also, it takes care of their financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting in a simple and time-effective manner. 

PlanGuru can be useful for accountants in preparing budget analysis, building financial forecasts, and taking care of other financial constraints small businesses may be faced with. It users can create and edit balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Apart from this, it also offers an advanced reporting Excel add-in that lets accountants build reports and manage the data from PlanGuru in an Excel spreadsheet. 

planguru snapshot


  • Budgeting/forecasting
  • Advanced reporting Excel add-in
  • Cash flow statements 
  • Business validation 
  • Standard report export to PDF, Word, and Excel

What’s unique about PlanGuru

PlanGuru is a web-based software with a fully customizable interface that will help entrepreneurs, financial advisors, and accountants monitor the key financial KPIs they need to have in order to track business performance. And it comes with a cloud-based finance dashboard, detailed analytics, and a reporting tool. 


Monthly $99 


Optional Complete Solutions — contact

Each plan includes a budget/forecast building application with the income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet, a web-based dashboard and reporting tool that provides analytics, Excel plug-in, and support resources. 

4. Cuttles  

Cuttles is an online web app for writing business plans and turning ideas into profitable startups. Entrepreneurs and startups can use a one-page plan to structure their ideas and create budgets and forecasts with the Budget feature.

The app aims to aid people in creating business plans that will present and validate their ideas. The one-pager offers a personalized business plan that has creative visual assistance, while the finance tool allows users to track their finances and budgets. 

cuttles snapshot

Users can turn any idea into a business and meet potential investors with proper planning tools and resources. And they can track their progress with a simple roadmap feature.


  • Business canvas 
  • Business plan builder
  • Budgets and forecasts 
  • Roadmapping tool

What’s unique about Cuttles

With Cuttles, people can grow their ideas and write unique business plans with budgets and forecasts. The app focuses on startup founders, where you can track your runway and monthly burn rate.

Pricing plans

Free trial: Yes, 14 days

Dreamer Plan (€15 per month) — up to 1 startup and member, with all features available (canvas, business plan, team, budgets, roadmap)

Startup Plan (€30 per month) — up to 1 startup and an unlimited number of members, with all the features available (canvas, business plan, team, budgets, roadmap)

Unlimited Plan (€50 per month) — for an unlimited number of startups and members, with all features available (canvas, business plan, team, budgets, roadmap)

5. Mural

Mural allows creative teams to think and collaborate visually and solve any important problems they might have. It is a visual collaboration workspace, that any team can use. With an easy setup for creating diagrams and tools that facilitate meetings and workshops, MURAL is a great tool for both in-office and remote teams. 

Team members can post sticky notes and organize their thoughts in lists, diagrams, flowcharts, frameworks, and drawings. MURAL is a useful app for finding patterns and letting team members unleash their imaginations.

mural snapshot


  • Thinking canvas
  • Shared workspaces
  • Design thinking and agile frameworks
  • Integration with productivity tools

What’s unique about Mural

MURAL helps innovative teams to think, brainstorm, and collaborate visually as a way to solve any problems they might have. It integrates with most of the tools people use in teams, and you can manage them all from one centralized dashboard. Also, you can synchronously access your work from multiple devices and platforms.

Pricing plans

Starter ($12 per month) — 1–50 members can collaborate in a single workspace with unlimited visitors, facilitation superpowers, a library of frameworks and templates, GDPR & CCPA compliance, self-serve education resources, and on-demand support 

Plus ($20 per month) — 10–50 members can collaborate in multiple workspaces with unlimited guests, facilitation superpowers, GDPR & CCPA compliance, premier education, and priority support 

Enterprise (contact for price) — 50+ members, tailored education programs, custom template creation, private database instance, self-serve SSO, enterprise APIs, and API key management

. . .

Choose Among Liveplan Alternatives

So you’re not satisfied with what Liveplan has to offer, and you want to try something different?

I guess we’ve provided you with enough Liveplan alternatives to consider.

While this popular app is good for making traditional business plans, it does not offer help with the early budding-idea stages of business planning. Other Liveplan alternatives might be more appropriate for that phase.

We suggest you try IdeaBuddy or Cuttles, which can help you develop your idea through all the stages of idea incubation.

We said that IdeaBuddy is a fun and easy-to-use tool with appealing graphics and an innovative business planning guide, that makes it one of the best Liveplan alternatives for Millenials. Also, it comes with relevant examples and financial planning features designed for non-financial people. On the other hand, Cuttles is handy if you want to make a professional business plan or to create a roadmap.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your business planning weapon of choice and start pursuing your dreams! They will not come to pursue you.

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