Who we are

We’re dreamers, fighters, introverts, extroverts, and everything in between.

We’re entrepreneurs who know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur—and we live to guide fellow trailblazers towards the life they truly want.


Our core values

We have three core beliefs that influence everything we do on our hike towards the ultimate dream: a society where everyone can live up to their full potential.



Always guide, motivate and support, every step of the way



Offer expert knowledge and practical skills that truly work



Make starting a business feel like the adventure of a lifetime (It is!)


IdeaBuddy is a great tool for anyone that has many ideas and projects, but can't seem to find order in the execution. The design is simple and fun, allowing me to place energy in building the projects and not losing time with making a structure.

CARMEN BELTRAN, Marketing manager at SSE Business Lab

Our mission

We believe everyone is an entrepreneur in the making, and deserves a chance to bring their big idea into the world.

While the journey can feel challenging, we think anyone can cross the finish line with the right toolset, guidance, and encouragement.


Contact us

Feel free to reach out if you would like to become our partner. Or if you want to hear more about our affiliate program and white label solution. Or if you just want to say hi. In any case, we are happy to hear from you.