Top 10 AI Business Plan Generators in 2024

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Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur until they find out a detailed Business Plan is the backbone of their future business. A document that at first seems complex and difficult to grasp, but if done properly – becomes your most important business ally and your ticket to the entrepreneurial dream (and freedom) you crave for.

A good business plan requires your full attention, strategic planning and comprehensive analysis. In a nutshell, navigating all the complex layers the business plan contains can often feel like a never ending task, especially if you are not sure how to start and which segments require the most of your attention. But here comes the good part of being an entrepreneur in 2024 – the rise of AI! And along with the AI, many business planning generators have been created to ease the process of putting together all the pieces of your business plan.

If chosen wisely and used properly, AI business plan generators can help you understand all the aspects of business planning and achieve your goals with more efficiency and effectiveness. So, whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, or a beginner who is just exploring the ways of beginning its entrepreneurial journey, in this article we’ll cover a variety of AI business planning generators that can be helpful in achieving goals in both directions.

We’ll keep it short – highlighting only their pricing packages and key features and advantages. As you browse through our selection of AI assistants, remember that building a successful business still takes time, dedication and careful planning. Don’t forget to be patient and meticulous in your approach even when the AI jumps in to speed up your journey.

We invite you to take the time to dive deep into the advantages and functions of each platform, explore its pros and cons, and adapt your approach to suit your own needs and objectives.

Let’s start with listing our Top 10 AI business plan generators!

1. IdeaBuddy

IdeaBuddy is a business planning software designed to assist you at every step of your business planning – from the ideation phase, across the financial projections of your business and finally the validation of your business idea. Now when it’s backed up by AI assistance, your journey becomes even easier with personalised AI tips and suggestions that are created to catapult your ideas to success in a more efficient and smarter way.

With IdeaBuddy AI features that are at your disposal, you’ll receive smart suggestions tailored to your product and service portfolio, ideal customers, startup costs, and all other elements of your business plan, helping you move through your business planning with ease.

IdeaBuddy AI Assistance
IdeaBuddy AI Assistance

One of the biggest advantages of IdeaBuddy’s AI assistance are custom tips enabled in each business template, ensuring you receive suggestions for every piece of the puzzle during your journey. Imagine getting tailored information for each business idea that you want to develop further? That’s exactly what IdeaBuddy’s AI assistance is about, made to help users understand all aspects of their business idea development.

IdeaBuddy also helps you improve the credibility of your business plan by refining your tone, spelling, and grammar with its AI Buddy. As an added benefit, editable pre-built templates will help you develop your idea faster. The best part of it – you can explore all its functionalities during two weeks without any additional costs –  within the free trial available in the platform!


  • Free Trial Available 
  • Paid Plan: Starting from $15/month

AI Business Plan Genetartors - IdeaBuddy Banner

2. Grammarly

It’s no secret that Grammarly is a leading writing assistant platform that empowers individuals and businesses to communicate effectively. Grammarly’s latest news include development of its advanced AI technology, that offers an array of features to enhance writing quality, including grammar and spell-checking, punctuation correction, and style suggestions.

One of the standout features of Grammarly is its AI Business Plan Generator, designed to assist entrepreneurs in creating polished executive summaries for their business plans. Leveraging Grammarly’s existing expertise in writing enhancement, this tool provides AI-driven suggestions to refine your business plan’s tone, formality, and length.

Using the Grammarly platform, users can effortlessly integrate AI assistance into their business planning process, ensuring that their plans are professional, error-free, and tailored to their audience. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, Grammarly’s AI Business Plan Generator offers invaluable support to help you articulate your ideas with clarity and precision. All while being efficient!


  • Free Trial Available 
  • Paid Plan: Starting from $12/month

3. 15MinutePlan

15MinutePlan uses the power of advanced AI models to generate professional business plans quickly and efficiently. With personalized financial statements and plans, this tool caters to entrepreneurs seeking investor or bank funding, offering detailed insights in just 15 minutes.


  • Free Trial Available 
  • Paid Plan: Starting from $99

4. WordKraft AI

WordKraft is using AI technology to generate optimised and high-quality content for various purposes, and one of them is business planning. With its user-friendly interface and customisable templates, WordKraft simplifies the process of creating authentic and engaging business plans.

Wordkraft AI


  • Free Trial Available 
  • Paid Plan: Starting from $29/month

5. Simplified

Simplified is a platform that offers a suite of AI-powered tools designed to simplify document creation and media editing for individuals and businesses alike. With its intuitive interface and customisable templates, Simplified empowers users to create professional-quality content with ease.

One of Simplified’s notable features is also an AI Business Plan Generator, which assists entrepreneurs in crafting comprehensive business plans. By providing customisable templates and intuitive features, Simplified streamlines the process of business plan creation, allowing users to focus on their core ideas.

With Simplified, users can easily outline their objectives, strategies, and financial forecasts, ensuring that their business plans are well-structured and visually appealing.

By using Simplified’s AI capabilities, entrepreneurs can create professional business plans that effectively communicate their vision to stakeholders. Whether you’re a startup founder, small business owner, or corporate executive, Simplified offers the tools you need to bring your ideas to life and achieve your business goals.

Simplified AI Business Plan Generator


  • Free Trial Available 
  • Paid Plan: Starting from $20/month

6. Visme

Visme is a platform that offers an AI Business Plan Generator designed to help entrepreneurs craft visually stunning and professional business plans. With its innovative combination of text prompts and visual graphics, Visme allows users to express their vision effectively and efficiently.

One of Visme’s standout features lies in its customisable styles and templates, which enable users to create business plans that reflect their unique brand identity. So, whether you’re a entrepreneur or just starting out your journey, Visme provides the tools that can help you create great business plans that impress stakeholders and investors.

With Visme’s AI Business Plan Generator, users can generate first draft business plans quickly by inputting text prompts directly into the platform. The AI tool then generates text and visual graphics based on the user’s input, allowing for easy customisation and editing.

Visme AI Business Plan Generator


  • Free Trial Available 
  • Paid Plan: Starting from $12.25/month

7. Writecream

Writecream offers entrepreneurs an intuitive platform powered by AI to create eye-catching business plans quickly and efficiently. With its AI-powered features and customisable templates, Writecream simplifies the process of business plan creation, allowing users to focus on their core ideas.

Writecream’s AI Business Plan Generator leverages advanced algorithms to assist users in crafting professional business plans. By inputting key information about their business, users can generate tailored business plans in minutes, complete with detailed sections covering everything from executive summaries to financial projections.

With this AI Business Plan Generator, users can benefit from personalized suggestions and guidance throughout the planning process. The platform’s intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it easy for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to create polished and professional business plans that stand out.

Writecream AI Business Plan Generator


  • Free Plan

8. Taskade

Taskade offers entrepreneurs a comprehensive AI Business Plan Outline Generator, designed to provide a structured framework for developing professional business plans.

With its intuitive interface and customizable templates, Taskade simplifies the process of outlining objectives, strategies, and financial forecasts, allowing users to communicate their vision effectively to stakeholders.

At the core of Taskade’s Business Plan Outline Generator is its AI-driven approach to guiding users through the planning process.

By prompting users with targeted questions about their business goals and objectives, Taskade generates tailored business plans aligned with their vision and objectives. The platform’s detailed analysis and customizable templates empower entrepreneurs to create comprehensive business plans ready for funding.

Taskade AI Business Plan Outline Generator


  • Free Trial Available 
  • Paid Plan: Starting from $4/month per user

9. TinyWow

TinyWow also recognizes the invaluable assistance of AI within business planning. In response to this recognition, they have introduced a groundbreaking feature: the AI Business Plan Generator.

This innovative tool leverages advanced artificial intelligence technology to streamline the process of creating professional business plans.

By harnessing the power of AI, TinyWow empowers entrepreneurs to develop comprehensive and insightful business plans with ease and efficiency. With the AI Business Plan Generator, users can benefit from intelligent suggestions, personalized insights, and customizable templates, allowing them to craft business plans that truly reflect their vision and goals.

TinyWow AI Business Plan Generator


  • Free Plan

10. Plannit AI

Plannit AI stands out as a visionary tool in the realm of business planning, offering entrepreneurs a guided approach to creating tailored and effective business plans.

This innovative platform distinguishes itself by incorporating an AI-driven Business Plan Generator. Plannit AI also recognizes the importance of harnessing artificial intelligence to streamline the business planning process, making it more efficient and accessible.

Plannit AI begins by guiding entrepreneurs through a series of targeted questions, allowing the AI engine to analyze responses and generate a detailed, tailored business plan aligned with the user’s vision and objectives. This unique approach ensures that the generated business plan is not only comprehensive but also reflective of the entrepreneur’s specific business goals.

This AI Business Plan Generator empowers users to receive personalized insights and recommendations, enhancing the quality and relevance of their business plans. By combining user input with the intelligence of AI, Plannit AI creates a seamless and effective experience for entrepreneurs looking to bring their business ideas to life.

With a focus on user-centric customization and AI-driven guidance, Plannit AI is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to develop a business plan that aligns with their unique vision and aspirations.

Plannit AI Business Plan Generator


  • Free Plan

So, which one is the best AI business plan generator?

In conclusion, the use of AI-powered business plan generators can really make the difference in the world of entrepreneurship and business planning. The biggest advantage of these AI tools probably lies in its insightful and supportive nature at every stage of business journey.

Whether you need your ideas to be refined, or want to crate comprehensive business strategies, AI-powered business generators really can offer indispensable assistance, guiding users through complex decision-making processes and helping them navigate all the challenges with confidence.

What makes them even more attractive is their personalised nature – all the AI business plan generators are designed to adapt to users’s needs, making them appealing for everyone who has a need of their business planning checkup.

With tools like IdeaBuddy leading the pack, entrepreneurs gain access to customised AI tips that provide unparalleled guidance and support, empowering them to make informed decisions and achieve their goals more effectively.

The value proposition of AI-powered business plan generators extends beyond mere efficiency and convenience. These tools really enable entrepreneurs tapping into a wealth of knowledge and expertise, offering insights and recommendations that may have otherwise been overlooked.

By using wisely AI technology, entrepreneurs can gain a deeper understanding of their business landscape, identify opportunities for growth, and make data-driven decisions that drive success – all while being efficient and faster.

So why not give them a try? Choose your AI assistant and unlock the full potential of your entrepreneurial vision. Happy planning, entrepreneurs!

💡 For more useful tips on which sections to include in your business plan to make sure its ready for launch, or finding out why SWOT analysis is crucial for long-term business planning, visit IdeaBuddy’s blog section.

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