Top 10 Business Ideas for Introverts

business ideas for introverts
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Have you struggled to adapt to a career that favors extroverts? Went looking for business ideas for introverts but got scared to take the risk since you’ve heard that introverts don’t make good business owners? Well, think again.

Contrary to what you might have heard, as an introvert, you can be very successful at managing your own business. Have you ever heard of names like Bill Gates, Tatyana Bakalchuk, Warren Buffet, or Mark Zuckerberg? You guessed it – they were all introverts.

Isn’t that inspiring!

Introverts as Business Owners

Introverts are often characterized by being self-driven, self-motivated, committed, dedicated, and single-mindedly focused on what they do.

In meetings, they prefer to listen rather than speak.

They usually have brilliant ideas, but struggle to communicate them to others.

They believe in leading from the front lines and have their actions speak louder than their words.

As such, introverts make excellent leaders and business owners.

To help you get started, collected 10 business ideas that suite an introvert’s nature. Ideas that can start small and grow to become big businesses.

Content Writing Agency

Are you a wizard with words? Excellent! Put your talents to use and start providing content writing services.

Compared to hundreds of years ago, when writing was considered a borderless pit of inadequate compensation, today’s writers (especially dedicated sales and marketing copywriters), make an excellent living writing content for companies, brands, and solopreneurs.

And depending on your expertise with either long or short-form content, you can write blog posts, sales copy, marketing slogans, manuscripts, social media posts, white papers, eBooks… you name it!

You don’t need much to get going – a laptop, internet connection and software like Microsoft Word, LibreOffice or Google Docs… To attract attention, you’ll also need a portfolio of work to share with prospective clients.

Once you get going, growth is realistic – more clients will come in, you will hire writers to work for you, and what started as a solo-careers suddenly turns into a fully-fledged agency.

NOTE: Get inspired by the story of Wintress Odom and her journey from a freelance career to an established agency.

Graphic Design Studio

9 Tips for Graphic Designers to Land the Dream Job


Design is a field perfect for introverts who are artistic and love creating things. As a graphic designer, you would work on things like brand logos, advertising banners, marketing collateral, different kinds of illustrations, websites, and applications…

Even if you have never designed anything before, it is a skill that you can learn, a grow your expertise over time. And with so many new businesses starting up constantly, all you have to do is be persistent and make your portfolio visible.

And as with a content agency, over time you can expand into creating your graphic design studio to cater to the growing demand. You can even add additional services, like developing complete websites by partnering with a developer or providing online advertising in addition to the ad banner design.

Pet Care Business

business ideas for introverts

Most introverts love animals, so why not start a dog walking business. It does not take a lot of resources – only time and good manners with pets.

And then it becomes fairly easy to move into pet-sitting, covering one smaller area and expanding within a year to additional areas, employing 1-2 sitters.

If you’re even more ambitious, franchise your brand or expand into creating a pet-hotel to accommodate even more pets. The opportunities are unlimited as many travelers need a safe place and someone trusted to take care of their bellowed furry friends.

Woof woof!

QUICK TIP: Check out this article to consider all costs of this type of business before you get going.

From Wildlife Photography to Documentary Video to Adventure Tours

The 55th Wildlife Photography of the Year Exhibition Immerses ...

Taking a safari is one thing but being able to live and work among wildlife is something entirely different. A dedicated, talented, and patient wildlife photographer can enjoy the perks of traveling in nature and have their equipment, accommodation, and resources sponsored or paid for by their photographs.

Beware though! Taking sellable photos requires a creative eye, focus, and a lot of patience.

To succeed, do not approach this as a hobby, but as a business. Through focus and determination, wildlife photography can generate good income, especially if you can land a contract with companies such as National Geographic, or if you sell your photo rights on the stock photo websites such as Shutterstock or Envato.

QUICK TIP: It might take time to get to substantial earnings on stock photo websites, but it is a necessary step. Check out this list to find the best place for you.

Although wildlife photography might be a sustainable long-term business for a single person, it can easily expand into a bigger operation that would provide documentary video as well, and it all can be a great starting point for organizing adventure tours.

Landscaping Business

Reasons You Should Work With a Professional Landscaper

Your fingers itch to trim your neighbors’ scrubs growing wildly over the fence, and friends and family regularly ask you to help them turn their messy garden into a Garden of Eden.

Sounds like you?

Awesome! A landscaping business is perfect for introverts who prefer nature above people and have a knack at turning ordinary trees and shrubs into masterpieces. As a landscaper, you will be able to spend every day out in nature, wrist deep in dirt, creating an oasis for people to enjoy.

To get started, put together a landscaping kit that consists of tools such as trimmers, spades (all sizes), bucket(s), shovels, chainsaw, rake, and scrub and hedge shears. Create a bunch of posters advertising your services and put these up all over town and your local neighborhood.

If you are any good, you should be able to attract enough work to employ a small crew and grow (pun intended) further…

QUICK TIP: To get you going, start with this article by Entrepreneur magazine.

Creative Arts & Crafts

Give A Girl A Drill: In The Studio With Jewelry Maker Sophie Monet

If you are a creative, introspective soul, becoming an artist and crafting your products can be that business idea you’ve been waiting for. Arts and craft businesses are growing steadily and thriving through online marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon.

What you create & sell depends solely on you. It can be anything from sculptures and paintings to custom birthday cards, to gift boxes and pottery…

If you choose this path, you won’t have to endure face-to-face interactions. Unless you strike gold with a product and have to hire additional people to help you meet demand. In any case, you can efficiently run your business from the comfort of your home and sell online to customers around the world.

QUICK TIP: Find good advice on getting started in this Guardian piece.

Online Classes & Tutoring

If you are an expert in a specific area, put your expertise to good use by teaching it online.

To test the feasibility using one of the online tutoring platforms, and if you gain traction – expand. Establish a website, and start offering individual classes, pre-made courses, live webinars. Ask other experts to join your platform to provide additional classes that complement each other.


It can put you on the way to become the next Udemy. You only need a WordPress website and Sensei by WooCommerce as a cost-effective way to integrate online course functionality. The more courses and tutors you can get together to contribute content, the more your business will develop.

NOTE: If you want to get really inspired, read about how Lynda Weinman built her online tutorials business.

Remember, you don’t even need a teaching certificate for most subjects or specialties. There are, however, exceptions, such as teaching English online.

Carpentry and Woodworking

Working with wood is one of the perfect spaces for introverts. A carpenter can start solo and over time employ a team to produce handcrafted, rustic furniture, as well as decorative pieces.

Not far removed is expanding into the restoration of old, neglected pieces made of wood.

NOTE: See how well-known actor Nick Offerman runs his hobby-turned-business woodworking shop.

To get started, set up your woodworking shop with all the required equipment, and advertise your services to locals in your area or online.

Of course, this is a great path if you have the skills to get you going. If not, the fastest way is via an apprenticeship with an introvert who figured it all out before you.

Social Media Consulting

Working on social media does not necessarily mean you have to socialize or chit-chat. Instead, put your digital marketing skills and specialist knowledge of social media to good use by providing Social Media Consulting services to businesses, brands, and individuals from around the world.

Most businesses use social media to promote their products or services – with Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube currently topping the social media hotlist. They often hire consultants or agencies to handle their social media accounts and promotions. There is an opportunity for long-term collaboration, which means a constant stream of income to you.

With more clients, you will start growing by employing specialists and content producers. And the best thing, you do not need to have an office – everything can be done remotely!

Online Bakery

For the final idea, something completely different.

Few things in life are as satisfying as the smell of freshly baked pastries or home-made pies. Take your talent for baking to the next level by starting your bakery with home delivery service.

You will need to create a website to present your offer and enable ordering, but also print flyers to distribute to apartment buildings send out emails to business in your area. Your customers can either call you to place an order or order directly online through your website.

You will need to think about packaging and delivery, but once the business gets going – the bigger issue will be baking capacity and more hands to prepare the pastries. And you will surely remember your first big order for someone’s wedding reception or business party!

QUICK TIP: Not sure how to get started? Read our article about starting a baking business from home.

What’s next?

Is something that suits you on our list of business ideas for introverts? Are you ready to get started on your new business venture?

Don’t let your unique, natural abilities and talents as an introvert label your life, let it become your way of doing business. So, do not wait any longer.

Try Idea Buddy today and start developing your business idea!

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