New Features – Idea Templates And Industry- Based Business Guides

We just released more useful features for all the people who dream of starting a business – idea templates with the industry guides, which are based on a type of business you plan to start!

This means that if you select a cafe/coffee shop idea, you will get the complete guide for starting a coffee business along with an editable template for Idea Plan, Business Guide steps, and Business Plan.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Now it will be much easier to understand what’s required to lift your business idea from the ground, as you just need to follow the steps, check the instructions for your specific idea, and edit the template items.

Our industry-based guide will provide you with detailed instructions for every step of starting a business, from creating a business concept to making financial projections.

idea template_sales

Every week we’ll be adding templates for the most popular ideas, like tech startups, home businesses, eCommerce etc.

Stay tuned and get ready for more cool stuff to come!

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