IdeaBuddy is Now Available in Four New Languages


IdeaBuddy becomes multilingual!

With our latest release, now you can use our platform in Spanish, French, German, and Serbian language. We are growing our international presence, so now we have localized language for users who want to develop their business ideas.

But until now, the app has only been available to consumers worldwide in the English language. We’ve seen the number of people using IdeaBuddy expand globally, and alongside it increasing requests for localized language support.

This is why we’re proud to announce that starting today, IdeaBuddy is available in four new languages — Spanish, French, German, and Serbian. This is the first wave of several language updates to come in 2023, and you can expect new languages to be included soon.

The multilanguage support is still in the Beta stage, as we are still polishing some rough edges and adding idea templates in different languages.

You can change your language in a few taps on the signup / log-in page, or on the My Profile page.

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